Matt Berry recounts a few of the more memorable moments from Crest’s cycling trip to Gran Canaria earlier this year. 
The Naked Fisherman – unfortunately the road between Puerto Rico and Mogan was closed due to rockfall. This meant we had to take ‘the glass bottom’ boat to Mogan – while admiring the view we were somewhat surprised to see someone on a rock fishing with nothing on – I guess it’s what they do in Mogan!  

Caught by the Fuzz – another road closure. We had to get off our bikes and push them past a section of resurfacing – at the end of which the police were waiting and ready to dish out fines! After much haranguing and being repeatedly told ‘you have no documentation’ we got through. 
Ken, Adam and Jo’s epic nonstop ride to the summit of Pico de las Nieves – three hours and no stops they told us! 
Pete’s E-Bike – blowing over in the wind and knocking the rear mech off. Luckily Free Motion, the hirers, were quick to react and before we knew it Pete was back on the road and going better than ever on a traditional man powered race bike. 

How did we end up with Tapas for lunch – some say it was a Maldon CC tactic to slow us all down! 
Our favourite Barbecue restaurant on the road to Mogan was closed. This was hugely disappointing as we’d climbed Soria and gone up the shitty track and then down the amazing Serenity descent full of expectation! Please note the picture of Spider powering up Soria on his mountain bike…

We also did this route in reverse another day – I can say for a fact that the track to Soria is more fun up than down…
All in all another Rocket Classic – great fun and big thanks to Ian and James for organising. I thought getting to the airport three hours early was a bit excessive – but when you’ve forgotten your passport and your wife has to drive home to get it then the early start seems to make sense. 

Matt Berry

Crest Gran Canaria trip